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It is located in the western part of the city, about kilometres from the inner city, and it has a population of 27, on Alike several other boroughs of the city, Tynnered has a fairly high percentage of immigrants.

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Travelling by tram from Gothenburg city centre to southern Tynnered takes about 25 minutes. The two trams that go to Tynnered are the tram routes 1 and 7and they stop at Briljantgatan, Smaragdgatan and Opaltorget. Tynnered is also a parishwith approximately the same area.

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The tynnered single was built In the middle of the 60's, the area around Opaltorget and several other apartment blocks in Tynnered were started to be built. This venture, which is called Million Programme Miljonprogrammetwas made tynnered single order to furbish up the area öja singel kvinna make it more friendly to live in. During the fallthe local district publicly published new plans for Tynnered.

Approximately new apartments, premises for shops and refurbishing of tynnered single are included in the project. Opaltorget is also to be developed into a vibrant town square for service and local shopping. One of the reasons to this project is that Opaltorget has been seen as an unsafe and dark square, according to Gothenburg municipality.

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Later in the same year, the real estate committee approved of the tynnered single. The project is expected to start being built in In its report, Police in Sweden placed the district in the most severe category of urban areas with high crime rates.

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The population has increased with only circa people the last ten years. That percentage is much higher compared to the average in the city of Gothenburg. In principle have the inhabitants of Tynnered generally work, income and health like the rest of the people in Gothenburg. Due to the lack of workplaces in the borough, most employees work in other parts of the city.

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The turnout during Swedish general election was higher than in Gothenburg in general. The following six schools are located in Tynnered:. During the percentage of students who continued with tertiary education was notably lower compared to the average in Gothenburg. Category:Boroughs of Gothenburg.

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  • Dating sweden tynnered. Tynnered mötesplatser för äldre
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