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järpås single

Local Services (Närtrafik)

Here you will find important information about a course and you can interact with your teachers and other students, access course materials, upload assignments and more. Please note that you must first register to järpås single course you are admitted to before you can log in to Canvas. It may take up järpås single one working day before you can get the course information in Canvas after the registration.

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Accommodation Check studbo. Check your schedule You find your schedule at ju. Keep in mind that the schedule is preliminary.

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Times and dates may change, so check your schedule at regular intervals. Attend the roll call The roll call is mandatory.

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If you are absent from the roll call, and have not announced your absence, you will lose your place. Do not forget to register and create your user account before the roll call.

If you are unable to attend the call, you must notify järpås single.

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Contact us here. The Student Union works to ensure that courses are of high quality, but the union also arranges social activities.

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After you have paid the tuition fee, you must update your JU card with a validn stamp in one of the vending machines located in the Campus Arena or outside the caretaker's office. Through the JU card, you also get access to a number of unique student discounts.

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Do you have questions? Contact us! Service Center helps you as a student by answering your study-related questions.

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Admission If you have questions regarding your admission, contact antagning ju. Other questions If you have other questions, you can contact us via our questionnaire or the university's switchboard 10 Kontakta oss.

UL also offers hour passes that are valid within zones and for a combination of zones.

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