Dating i gamla uppsala.

dating i gamla uppsala

The 2013 excavations

Dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries, the Royal Mounds of Gamla Uppsala have been shrouded in mystery for generations, and were once believed to be gods Thor, Odin. Over the past couple of hundreds of years, however, a series of excavations seemed to confirm that they were in fact a burial site, and very likely the resting place of Swedish royalty of yore.

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Somewhat creepily, the octagonal tiers on the top floor of the building were designed to give mawkish spectators a good view of the macabre proceedings below. After a turn in the 19th century as a zoological museum, the theatre was restored to its original retired state in the s and can today be visited as part of a wider tour of the museum and university.

But for a more immersive and intimate look at the man, his work and his life, you can also visit his former home and studio, which was turned into a museum inten years after his death. Scattered around the building are paintings, sculptures, reliefs, drawings and preliminary sketches, along with more personal items such as furniture and a comprehensive library.

Visitors get the chance to meet and engage with exhibitors, as well as sample some of the mouth-watering produce on display, both in liquid and solid form, with several acclaimed food trucks on hand serving up ethnic dating i gamla uppsala including Greek, American, Mexican, Indian, and more. The event is open to visitors aged 20 and over. With the brewery visible directly behind the bar, visitors can come and enjoy a swift half while watching the brewmaster work their magic.

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There are also beer tasting tours for larger groups, and a gastropub next door serving dishes that can be paired with beers brewed on-site. It also has some truly stunning interiors that are a delight to wander around.

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This is when the tradition of The Flogsta Scream occurs like clockwork, a tradition dating back more than 40 years that involves university students stopping in their tracks and emitting a collective scream. Peer at a folkloric chunk of runestone At first sight the panel of runestone embedded in a wall at Gamla Uppsala Church appears unremarkable — but it is, in fact, anything but.

A shrine was later erected in the church in his honour, and the cross depicted on the runestone has since become a symbol of a cult that spread throughout Sweden.

  1. John Ljungkvist - Department of Archaeology and Ancient History - Uppsala University, Sweden
  2. The excavations in and Sidinnehåll 1 As early as the 7th century AD there was a densely populated community at Gamla Uppsala, this was before there were towns in this country.
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Dating i gamla uppsala making his way to mass at the nearby church, the aforementioned King Erik IX of Sweden met his gruesome end at the hands of assassins. Legend has it that his decapitated head rolled down the church stairs and onto the street, and when it came to a standstill a spring erupted underneath it.

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In honour of this fable, a pump was built above it, where it still gives out water dating i gamla uppsala this day. As well as classic western European fare, the restaurant also serves up authentic Swedish dishes.

Named Yggdrasi, the tree is said to have once held the entire world in its branches. While the site today offers no reminders of its fabled heritage, it still attracts a small stream of curious visitors each year.

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